Anantam by Mantra

Anantam which is another brand from Mantra has evolved considerably since its inception. As the tagline says- this brand is all about feeling young, fresh and healthy. The original tried and tested formulas remains the same, the products have been steadily improved upon to increase efficacy, enhance the purity of ingredients and minimize or eliminate chemicals. Every product in the range is a unique experience – a journey towards true beauty.


  1. Apricot & Raatrani Age Defying Complex Night Cream
    Anantam by Mantra

    Apricot & Raatrani Age Defying Complex Night Cream

    As low as $40

  2. Gold And Saffron Glowing Face Gel With 24 Karat Gold
  3. Saffron & Cucumber Under Eye Complex Light Day Cream
  4. Hair Revival Serum
    Anantam by Mantra

    Hair Revival Serum

    As low as $45

  5. Under Eye Revitalizor Serum
    Anantam by Mantra

    Under Eye Revitalizor Serum

    As low as $55

  6. Green Apple Stem Cell Face Revitalizer

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