Amalgamation of world renowned jewelry designers, Miariam Salat and David Aaron Joseph, Bochic is a collection of fine jewelry that embodies the spirit of confidence, style, adventure for life and elegance. Exclusive to RockNShop, Prebook Yours Now!


  1. Chocolate White Diamond Starburst Earrings
  2. Fancy Starburst Mixed Diamond Earring
  3. Ivory and Diamond Horn Earrings
  4. Mammoth and Mixed Diamond Dragon Earrings
  5. Fancy Starburst Green Ombre Large Stud Earrings
  6. Blue Diamond Starburst Earring
  7. Rainbow Diamond Conquistador Ring
  8. Diamond and Jade Drop Earrings
  9. Multi Color Diamond Fan Ring
  10. Green Diamond Fan Ring
  11. Large Rainbow Diamond Mask Ring
  12. White Diamond Savarine Spacer Ring
  13. Brown and White Diamond Orbit Ring
  14. Black Diamond Trio Shank Spacer Band
  15. Garnet and Diamond Ring
  16. Two Tone White Diamond Lotus Ring
  17. Double Wave Blue and Green Diamond Ring
  18. Double Wave Green and Yellow Diamond Ring
  19. Black Tie Diamond Mask Ring
  20. Tigers Eye, Crystal, and Diamond Earrings

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