Edie Parker

Established in 2010 by Brett Heyman, Edie Parker is all about creating chic and vintage-inspired designs. The signature collection of the brand includes the clutches that are sparkling, retro-modern confections and have a sense of fun and girlishness. Brett’s awe-inspiring box clutches are meticulously handcrafted with intricate acrylic inlay, dazzling metallics and opulent pearlescent resin - faceted to look like gemstones and additional takes on the brand’s uber-successful deco looks.


  1. Jean Harlow Box Clutch
    Edie Parker

    Jean Harlow Box Clutch


  2. Flavia Hashtag Clutch
    Edie Parker

    Flavia Hashtag Clutch

    As low as $2,255

  3. Jean Free Clutch
    Edie Parker

    Jean Free Clutch

    As low as $1,982

  4. Jean Vee Clutch
    Edie Parker

    Jean Vee Clutch

    As low as $1,982

  5. Jean Peace Clutch
    Edie Parker

    Jean Peace Clutch

    As low as $1,941

  6. Jean Mantra Clutch
    Edie Parker

    Jean Mantra Clutch

    As low as $1,941

  7. Jean Striped box clutch
  8. Jean Striped Box Clutch
  9. Jean Striped Box Clutch
  10. Jean Bespoke Love Clutch
  11. Lara Solid Box Clutch - Silver & Gold
  12. Jean Gable box clutch
  13. Minnie half and half box clutch
  14. Minnie half and half box clutch
  15. Lara Solid Box Clutch - Silver
  16. Flavia Happy Clutch
  17. Jean Zebra Clutch
  18. Lara Backlit Clutch
  19. Jean Striped Clutch - White and Gold
  20. Danl Metal Backlit

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