Elements Of Desire

Amrita Hans established her brand, Elements Of Desire, in 2004.She pioneered the creation of a new language for jewelry by skillfully bringing together a variety of materials in non-traditional blends that allow for beautifully nuanced expressions that women never had access to before. She masterfully weaves natural elements such as semi-precious stones, pure metals, silk, wood, leather and shells into bold and highly distinctive jewelry that celebrates the many enigmatic avatars of ‘woman’.


  1. Brown Silk Necklace
  2. Tree of Life Necklace
  3. Brown Agate Necklace
  4. Red and Black Agate Necklace
  5. Yellow and Green Agate Necklace
  6. Agate Mesh Necklace
  7. Silk and Onyx Necklace
  8. Green Silk Printed Jewelled Scarf
  9. Black Silk Printed Jewelled Scarf
  10. Orange Silk Printed Jewelled Scarf
  11. Brown Silk Animal Print Jewelled Scarf
  12. Blue Silk Animal Print Jewelled Scarf

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