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Flare will communicate and inspire with a modern and creative voice aimed at the fashion forward souls of our time. Everything from our core line of sunglasses to our accessories are made in Italy, with great quality and passion. We will differentiate ourselves through our high quality products at an affordable price, while we aim to inspire our consumers to chase their own passion. #modernmindsclassiclook


  1. Acapulco Sunglasses - Tortoise and Brown
  2. Acapulco Sunglasses - Black Walnut and Tortoise
  3. Cannes Sunglasses - Prosecco and Green
  4. Cannes Sunglasses - Crystal and Mirror
  5. Cannes Sunglasses - Black and Purple
  6. Cannes Sunglasses - Black and Crystal
  7. Miami Sunglasses - Matte and Black
  8. Miami Sunglasses - Tortoise and Brown
  9. Miami Sunglasses - Jet Black and Green
  10. Miami Sunglasses - Fade Whiskey and Midnight
  11. Acapulco Sunglasses - Jet Black and Blue
  12. Acapulco Sunglasses - Bengal and Green
  13. Bergen Sunglasses - Bengal and Green
  14. Bergen Sunglasses - Matte and Black
  15. Bergen Sunglasses - Crystal and Mirror
  16. Bergen Sunglasses - Whiskey and Brown

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