Edgy and bold, Futurology by Garema Nagpal is a collection of handpicked costume jewelry by the girl who loves to look fashionable and take risks. Constructed with elements like hard metal and link chains, the entire collection makes an undisputed option for great party wear or a perfect night out.


  1. Leopard Print Ring
  2. Metallic Gold Earring
  3. Leopard Print Earrings
  4. Studded Bangle
  5. Gold Leaf
  6. Gold Leaf
  7. Gold Leaf
  8. Gold Leaf
  9. Gold Leaf
  10. Gold Leaf
  11. Gold Leaf
  12. Gold Leaf
  13. Gold Leaf
  14. Gold Leaf
  15. Gold Leaf
  16. Assorted Bracelet
  17. Assorted Earring
  18. Bangle Brown Leather
  19. Metal Pipe Bangle
  20. Clear Acrylic Earring

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