Lauren Cecchi New York

“If I could be reincarnated, I would come back as one of my handbags, for they have very adventurous lives.” Each LCNY handbag is hand made by true artisans in the heart of NYC’s garment district. They are a collection of edited essential bags, from totes to clutches and everything in between. LCNY wants every woman to easily transition from day to night while having with an array of styles to suit all walks of life. LCNY is known for a silhouette not a logo. A women makes her handbag, the bag does not make the woman.


  1. Paradise Blue Getaway
  2. Plum Getaway
  3. Paradise Blue Tote
  4. Hibiscus Pink Tote
  5. Pebble Mezzo
  6. Crab Red Getaway
  7. Sand + Minnow Getaway
  8. Pebble Getaway
  9. Tri Color Mezzo
  10. Navy Mezzo
  11. Black Snake Mezzo
  12. Blush Pink Stretta Clutch
  13. Rose Gold Stretta Clutch
  14. Lipstick Red Stretta Clutch
  15. Electric Blue Stretta Clutch
  16. Minnow Stretta Clutch
  17. Sky Blue Minnow Stretta Clutch
  18. Crab Red Stretta Clutch
  19. Chocolate Stretta Clutch
  20. Lipstick Red Sorella

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