Love Moschino

The brand was originally created in 1983 by the late Franco Moschino (1950–1994). Moschino and his fashion label became famous for his innovative, colorful – sometimes eccentric – designs, for his love of fairies, for his criticisms of the fashion industry and for his social awareness campaigns in the early 1990s. Love moschino is one of labels of the moschino known for its men's and women's difusion line.


  1. Volant Skirt
    Moschino Love

    Volant Skirt

    As low as $275

  2. Blue Floral Applique Top
    Moschino Love

    Blue Floral Applique Top

    As low as $395

  3. White Mini Skirt
    Moschino Love

    White Mini Skirt

    As low as $310

  4. Navy Baby Doll Dress
    Moschino Love

    Navy Baby Doll Dress

    As low as $410

  5. Union Jack Skirt
    Moschino Love

    Union Jack Skirt

    As low as $690

  6. Red Oca T-shirt
  7. Doll T-Shirt

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