Malvika Vaswani

Malvika is a designer and maker, trained in process based industrial design. She began her design journey at the Rhode Island School of Design, and started her professional life in New York City balancing designing jewelry for BCBGeneration and home ware for Teroforma. For her each piece is a commitment of craft, quality and ethical design. Built through a rigorous and thoughtful process anchored in experimentation.


  1. Marc Neck Piece
  2. Brandket Neck Piece
  3. Corb Cuff
  4. Breuerbras Cuff
  5. Single Rectangle Earrings
  6. Marc Ring
  7. Corb Ring
  8. Corb Earring
  9. Alhambra Pendant Grande
  10. Alhambra Cuff
  11. Alhambra Earring
  12. Con La Cadenas Seville Earrings
  13. Cordoba Double Layer Cuff
  14. Redondo Ring
  15. Mosaic Round Hand Harness
  16. Double Rectangle Earrings
  17. Mosaic Open Cuff
  18. Mosaic Head Piece
  19. Mosaic Double Lantern Earrings
  20. Mosaic Chain Earrings

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