Nandita Bist

Label -Nandita Bist is a Jaipur based label founded in year 2017. At Label Nandita Bist we believe in constant experimentation with fabric, yarns and unconventional combination of materials to create unique textures.We prefer the use of fabrics made from natural fibres. we understand the concept of sustainability therefore we enjoy the experience of choosing, handling and even making varied yarns and beads in our own studio from combining various waste fabrics , sacks and variety of strings using diffrent techniques . Detailing and innovative fabric manipulation techniques form the DNA of every garment we make


  1. Marshmallow Short Dress
  2. Rei Top
  3. Contour Crop Top
  4. Hijiki Bomber Jacket
  5. Knot Shirt Dress
  6. String Shirt Dress
  7. Earth Dress
  8. Peach Crush Shirt Dress
  9. Sangria Dress
  10. Apricot Dress
  11. Roh Dress
  12. Trojan Dress
  13. Old Rose Oversized Draped Dress
  14. Plant Trapeze Dress
  15. Seaweed Genesis Dress
  16. Walnut Beaded Twin Set
  17. Maroon Chiffon Dress
  18. Wave Shirt Dress
  19. Sunset Dress
  20. Ocean Maxi Dress

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