Norma Casta Diva

Norma Swimwear's muse was born in 1800's Milan, when the unique tragedy drama "Norma" took place in La Scala Theatre for the first time. Inspired by the flawless performance of Maria Callas, 200 years later, Norma Swimwear came to life. Always seeking excellence, every piece is carefully brought together by talented local artisans, using only the finest Italian fabrics. With every detail carefully thought of, the brand offers the highest form of luxury. Norma Woman has everything she needs for her amazing journey at the beach and beyond.


  1. Black - La Favorite Swimsuit
  2. Ivory - La Favorite Swimsuit
  3. Bordeaux - La Favorite Swimsuit
  4. Yellow - Candide Swimsuit
  5. Ivory - Candide Swimsuit
  6. Black - Candide Swimsuit
  7. Black Ivory - Violet Swimsuit
  8. Grey Bordeux - Violet Swimsuit
  9. Black - Macbeth Swimsuit
  10. Bordeaux - Macbeth Swimsuit
  11. Yellow - Macbeth Swimsuit
  12. Ivory - Macbeth Swimsuit
  13. Camouflage - Nadia Swimsuit
  14. White - Elidad Playsuit
  15. White - Violet Playsuit
  16. White - Godiva Skirt
  17. Lady Macbeth Dress
  18. White - Manuela jumpsuit
  19. Black - Milada Trouser
  20. Black and White Dorina I Bikini

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