A luxury accessories label conceived by Kristine Johannes, RAUWOLF aims at offering women of the 21st century something new and unexpected.Johannes introduced her line of architectural Plexiglas clutches in spring of 2012 and quickly turned the traditional meaning of luxury on its ear. RAUWOLF pieces are carefully handcrafted in Italy using a range of unique materials and design elements, including inlaid mirrors, liquid injections, razor-cut wood, resin, and engraving, making each one of Johannes’s ultra-modern designs by nature, one-of-a-kind.


  1. Brutalist Clutch
  2. Castellum Clutch - Gold
  3. Castellum Clutch - Silver
  4. Constantinople Clutch Engraved - Bronze
  5. Constantinople Clutch Engraved - Violet
  6. Emerald Gem Clutch with Effect

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