Rawtonica is a multi designer brand focussing on connecting with women globally. Rawtonica comes from Raw and Tonica wherein; Raw is something found in natural state and tonica is today’s woman enlightening her soul by redefining her style statement. Rawtonica’s designs are a creation and inspiration from travels and work on artistic and exquisite handcraftsmanship from different regions across the globe. 


  1. Long Yellow Doubla Earrings
  2. Long Yellow Crystala Earrings
  3. Rawtonica Flappera Earrings
  4. Statement Crystala Neckpiece
  5. Yellow Ovala Pendant
  6. Two Drop Ros Golda Pendant
  7. Rose Gold Crystala Ring
  8.  Hematite Crystala Ring
  9. Yellow Square Crystala Ring
  10. Jet Hematite Pendant Set
  11. Black Pointa Pendant Set
  12. Classy Crystala Pendant Set
  13. Eleganta Bracelet
  14. Long Fina Earrings
  15. Fina Eleganta Ring
  16. Eternity Neta Ring
  17. Layera Ring
  18. Circla Fashiona Neckpiece
  19. Statement Fashiona Neckpiece
  20. Garnet Gemstona Bracelet

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