Shift by Nimish

A brand driven by sophistication and instilled sense of modernity, SHIFT offers classic designs and expertly blended exquisite prints to cater to the needs of evolving cultural environment around the globe. Launched in 2011 by Nimish Shah, graduated from London College of Fashion, the collections are made using a range of sustainable materials and conscious pattern cutting to minimize factory waste.


  1. Coppolla Shift Dress
    Shift by Nimish

    Coppolla Shift Dress

    As low as $570

  2. Ash Mid Rise Straight Pants
    Shift by Nimish

    Ash Mid Rise Straight Pants

    As low as $310

  3. A-line Midi Dress
  4. Pannel Spagetti Dress
  5. Spaghetti Strap Denim Jumpsuit
  6. Button Back Denim Dress
  7. Parsi Midi
  8. Waluscha Aline Midi
  9. Office Shirt Tunic
  10. Signature Box Tunic
  11. Baby Shift Dress
  12. Cocktail Maxi Black Dress
  13. Duchess Twist Pleats Dress
  14. Alexa Peasent Shift Dress
  15. Corchet Neck Midi
  16. V-Ribbon Black Dress
  17. White Baby Shirt
  18. Grantham Bow Blouse
  19. Little Ash Jacket
  20. Ash Shorts

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