Square Loop

The brainchild of Kanika Sachdeva, Square Loop defines the philosophy that stems from the freedom of thoughts and breaking of notions of the integral part of daily wear. The Focus is mainly on producing few unique designs rather than churning mass production so the customers can build a personal connection with the label. As we look at the changing face of androgyny and society's boundaries, some of our bags are unisex.


  1. Pale Pink and Silver Crackle Clutch
  2. Off white and Gunmetal Crackle Flap Clutch
  3. Powder Blue and Silver Crackle Shoulder bag- small
  4. Black and White Crackle Shoulder bag- large
  5. Blue with Grey Tote Bag - small
  6. Multicolor Tote Bag - Medium
  7. Color blocked Tote Bag - Large
  8. Green and Off White Messenger Bag - Small
  9. Dark Pink and Grey Messenger Bag - Medium
  10. Brown and Black Messenger Bag - Large

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