Tachi is a Bombay based company that makes personal goods. The brand articulates the philosophy of simplicity, honesty, and utility through the aesthetic representation of the products. Each individual item is handmade by revival craftsmen in small batches and are created with ethically sourced materials that are found from within India.


  1. Citrine Ambi Bag
  2. Oxford Blue London Slim Travel Wallet
  3. Chocolate London Slim Travel Wallet
  4. British Green London Slim Travel Wallet
  5. Oxblood London Slim Travel Wallet
  6. Crimson London Slim Travel Wallet
  7. British Green Mira Bag
  8. Oxblood Mira Bag
  9. Crimson Mira Bag
  10. Crimson Pocket Square
  11. Oxford Blue Saya Cardholder
  12. Chocolate Saya Cardholder
  13. Crimson Saya Cardholder
  14. Crimson Tara Clutch
  15. Cerulean Tama Tote

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