Tanieya Khanuja

After Qualifying from N.I.F.T and London College of fashion, Tanieya Khanuja entered the glamorous world of Fashion in 1998 and has never looked back since. Tanieya has achieved an overwhelming success through her diffusion and couture line. Each garment created by Tanieya bears her signature stamp, showcasing stunning colors and exclusive embroidery.


  1. White Stripweave Structured jacket
  2. White Stripweave Jacket and Pant Set
  3. White Overlap Pants
  4. Yellow Stripweave Cut-out Dress
  5. Blue Asymmetric Weave Cut-out Dress
  6. Multicolor Stripweave Crop Top and Skirt Set
  7. Black Hi-Low Jacket
  8. Yellow Off Shoulder Stripweave Top
  9. Dual Tone Stripweave Dress
  10. White Flap Pant
  11. White Textured Asymmetric Jacket
  12. White Skater Dress With Textured Fabric
  13. Oversized Sleeves Cape
  14. High Waist Patterned Pants In Textured Fabric
  15. White Textured Dress With Side Pockets
  16. Beige Woven Stripe Top
  17. High waist Pattern pants
  18. Wrap Collar Dress
  19. Boat Neck Mini Dress
  20. Off Shoulder Textured Gown

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