The Maker

Creative and curious individuals who see the potential for self-expression in each articulate detail. Our womenswear label lj struthers is exclusive to the maker. Worn by independent, iconoclastic women who project distinctive style with confidence. Designed and made in Tasmania in limited edition, these are transformative, dramatic, and unapologetic pieces. Intuitive design, extraordinary makers and exceptional hospitality.


  1. Black Grove Kilburn Duffle
  2. White Grove Kilburn Duffle
  3. Brown Grove Kilburn Duffle
  4. Black Kilburn Duffle
    The Maker

    Black Kilburn Duffle


  5. White and Black Kilburn Duffle
  6. Ikat Kilburn Duffle
    The Maker

    Ikat Kilburn Duffle


  7. Blue Tie and Dye Square Crossbody
  8. Blue and White Grove Eco Backpack
  9. Brown Kilburn Laptop Bag
    The Maker

    Brown Kilburn Laptop Bag


  10. Blue Cross Hatch Satchel
    The Maker

    Blue Cross Hatch Satchel


  11. Blue Tie and Dye Kilburn Round Eco Sling
  12. Blue and Black Grove Eco Backpack
  13. Brown Kilburn Duffle
    The Maker

    Brown Kilburn Duffle


  14. Deep Blue Kilburn Laptop Bag
  15. Grey Kilburn Tie-Dye Sling
  16. Kilburn Tie-Dye Laptop Bag
  17. Black Kilburn Tote
    The Maker

    Black Kilburn Tote


  18. Brown Tie-Dye Kilburn Folder
  19. Light Blue Kilburn Tote
    The Maker

    Light Blue Kilburn Tote


  20. Brown Kilburn Tie-Dye Sling

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