The Materialist

The Materialist: Fusing Period and Contemporary Magnificence with Minimalist, Structured Sophistication. With an emphasis on luxurious and tactile fabric ('Clothes that shimmer like water and float like air'), our clothes seek to add personality, style, elegance and class to the wardrobe


  1. Sleeveless V-Neck Sweater in Brown
  2. Sleeveless V-Neck Sweater
  3. Royal Nappa Contrast Jacket
  4. Felt and Suede Panel Jacket in Tails Style
  5. The Tuscan Suede Bomber
  6. The Equestrian Ladies' Shearling Waistcoat
  7. Gilet Quilted Waistcoat in Beige
  8. Gilet Quilted Waistcoat
  9. Crop Leather Rive Jacket Black
  10. Felt Jacket in Tails style
  11. The Garden of Earthly Delights Pantsuit-Trouser
  12. The Garden of Earthly Delights Pantsuit-Top
  13. Opera Cape Jacket
  14. The Naples Jacket

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