The Orient Line

The Orient Line, a loungewear label by Megan Ryley (Creative Director) and Srimoyi Bhattacharya (Managing Partner), aims at bridging the gap between ready-to-wear and sleepwear. The label offers a wide range of whimsical, relaxed styles handcrafted in 100% natural fabrics such as khadi silks, cotton linens and cotton voile, that are perfect to lounge indoor and outdoor.


  1. Iris White Camisole
  2. White Bul-Bul Slip
  3. White Clarkia Top
  4. Lavender Clarkia Top
  5. White Alyssum Blouse
  6. Peach Puff Alyssum Blouse
  7. Peach Puff Poppy Top
  8. White Poppy Top
  9. Lavender Poppy Top
  10. Ecru Gazelle Shirt
  11. White Gazelle Shirt
  12. Lavender Gazelle Shirt
  13. White Starling Blouse
  14. Ecru Dahlia Tunic
  15. Chambray Ticking Stripe Koel Shirt
  16. White Koel Shirt
  17. Cream Koel Shirt
  18. White Myrtle Dress
  19. White Robin Dress
  20. Lavender Robin Dress

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