A name that reflects Creativity and Commitment. Our brand is acclaimed for offering a breathtaking and colorful variety of shawls, scarves and wraps. Ever since its inception, our women's accessory collections have quickly become a renowned label across the globe. The brand offers seasonal collections of gorgeous accessories in vibrant colors, rhythmic patterns, and sumptuous fabrics including silk, linen, wool, cotton, cashmere, modal and a variety of blends. 


  1. Blue Cashmere and Lace Kimono

    Blue Cashmere and Lace Kimono

    As low as $145

  2. Charcoal Crystals Scarf
  3. Two Tone Crystals Scarf
  4. Navy Blue Floral Embroidered Stole
  5. Plum Embroidered Scarf
  6. Beige Fully Embroidered Pashmina Stole
  7. Beieg Paisley Pocket Sqaure
  8. Teal Abstract Print Pocket Sqaure
  9. Orange Abstract Print Pocket Sqaure
  10. Red Abstract Print Pocket Sqaure
  11. Multicolor Printed Scarf
  12. Beige Bird and Flower Printed Stole
  13. Grey Zig Zag Embroidery Scarf
  14. Multicolor Floral Hand Painted Stole
  15. Two Tone Hand Painted Stole
  16. Multicolor Painted and Embroidered Stole
  17. Yellow Floral Hand Painted Stole
  18. Deep Red Paisley Stole
  19. Beige Floral French Knot Stole
  20. Beige Cashmere and Lace Kimono

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