Vitasta, the label is based on simple vision of "everyday luxury" accessories that are simple, beautifully crafted and functional. Every bag is"handmade,"an important element of the process, to add beauty through details that can only come from a human hand, and to disrupt the uniformity of mass production.The sensibility of the label has evolved from a confluence of Indian colors and craftsmanship, on modern functional shapes, and a strong respect for materials.


  1. Tan Lara Slim Leather Wallet
  2. Black Punched Mini Saddle Bag
  3. Red Shailly Fringe Clutch
  4. Tan Shailly Fringe Clutch
  5. Rupiyah Flat Pouch - Crackle Gold
  6. Rupiyah Flat Pouch - Yellow
  7. Large Backpack - Tan
  8. Large Backpack - Indigo Blue
  9. Black Essential Zip Tote
  10. Navy Lara Slim Leather Wallet
  11. Layla Bucket Bag - Tan
  12. Layla Bucket Bag - Blue
  13. Midi Shopper - Blue
  14. Grey Flap Wallet
  15. Red Market Tote
  16. Black Market Tote
  17. Layla Bucket Bag - Black
  18. Asymmetrical Tan Saddle Bag
  19. Wrap Black Tote
  20. Wrap Tan Tote

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