Antonio Vaccari

From 1920 three generations of the Vaccari family have been associated with the ancient tradition of Glassmaking in the Isles of Murano, Venice. In this town, Glass-Working was started by “Augusto Vaccari” in 1920 to produce “Venetian Beads”. Ever since Murano Glass-Makers Guild was established on this Venetian Island in 1291, Murano Glass blowers have been innovating and inventing new styles and designs, and also presenting artisticvisions through Glass to the world.

  1. Amber and Gold “Pazzie Di Vetro” Necklace
  2. Green and Gold “Pazzie Di Vetro” Necklace
  3. Black and Golden Millefiori Murano Necklace
  4. Pink Four Strings Murano Necklace
  5. 24K Gold Infused Oval Brown Full Murrine Pendant
  6. Yellow Black Beads Necklace
  7. 24K Gold Infused Aqua Green Murano Necklace
  8. 24K Gold Infused “Calcedonio” Necklace
  9. Dark Blue Heart Pendant
  10. Green Oval Full Murrine Pendant
  11. Black 24k Gold Leaf Beaded Necklace
  12. Red and Black 24k Gold Leaf Beaded Necklace
  13. Dark Blue Drop Pendant Long Necklace
  14. Black Snake “Tentazione” Murano Necklace

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