Sisters and co-founders Alia and Pia, trained from institutes like Gemological Institute of America, NID and NIFT, New Delhi, have uncannily similar tastes and aesthetics. Their jewellery label, Dang celebrates the intricacies of nature and is an ode to the understated refinement of a woman. The label stands for immaculate quality, unique products and charming product packaging.

  1. Nest Bangle - Gold finish
  2. Cloud Ring
  3. Ripple Earrings
  4. Ripple Bracelet
  5. Cross Twig Cuff - Gold finish
  6. Filigree Flower Cuff
  7. Sun Moon Stars Cuff
  8. Hydrangea Earrings
  9. Rose Bloom Earrings
  10. Nest Bangle - Silver finish
  11. Ripple Necklace
  12. Cross Twig Cuff - Silver finish
  13. Honeycomb Long Necklace
  14. Saturn Earrings
  15. Sea Glass Earrings
  16. Seed Earrings - Long
  17. Sun Moon Stars Pearl Earring
  18. Bar Necklace
  19. Chain Necklace
  20. Garden of Eden Necklace

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