Darya London

Darya London is a London based jewellery house offering stunning statement pieces. The collection blends elegance with strong shapes and an electric mix of colourful crystals. Darya London is best recognised for its striking combination of contemporary glamour, high craftsmanship and splendour make it a sought after brands.

  1. Uita Montana Bracelet
  2. Fia Crystal Bracelet
  3. Viola Emerald Bracelet
  4. Vionnet Crystal Bracelet
  5. Vionnet Ruby Bracelet
  6. Aria Montana Bracelet - Blue
  7. Aria Emerald Bracelet - Green
  8. Marina Plum Bracelet
  9. Marina Black Bracelet
  10. Marina Emerald Bracelet
  11. Marina Blue Bracelets
  12. Larissa Coral Bracelet
  13. Venus Crystal Earrings
  14. Venus Gia Earrings
  15. Viviana Crystal Earrings
  16. Viviana White Earring
  17. Viviana Peridot Earring
  18. Siena Ruby Earrings
  19. Fiona Coral Necklace
  20. Opera Coral Necklace

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