Deepa Gurnani

The Deepa Gurnani brand was conceived in the dreams and passions of husband and wife partnership, Deepa and Jay Lakhani. The duo combined their talents to create a line of unique and distinctive embroidered accessories, which continues to amaze, and inspire fans, season after season. Their first line was launched at Henri Bendel’s, NYC in November 2006 and subsequently sold in various stores across the globe.

  1. Majestic Gold Necklace
  2. Majestic Silver Necklace
  3. Keeya Necklace
  4. Gold Pandora Necklace
  5. Tessa Cuff
  6. Zia Earrings
  7. Vania Earrings
  8. Maggie Necklace
  9. Gold Pandora Earrings
  10. Gunmetal Pandora Bracelet
  11. Gold Gigi Bracelet
  12. Silver Gigi Bracelet
  13. Gold Remi Cuff
  14. Tami Necklace
  15. Simona Necklace
  16. Silver Remi Cuff
  17. Mint Lamia Cuff
  18. Effie Cuff
  19. Gold Hilaria Bracelet
  20. Silver Hilaria Bracelet

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