Eina Ahluwalia

Eina Ahluwalia, India’s first Conceptual Jewellery Artist, creates jewellery from her soul. Her jewellery is her way of communicating with the world; it is her response to life. Her signature style is intricate and exquisitely detailed, poised at the intersection of art, fashion and design. Delicate handmade fretwork is used, which is a disappearing skill.

  1. Argyle Earrings
  2. Dew Drop Shackles Cross Hand piece
  3. Gold through my veins small cuff
  4. Looking Back Double Ring
  5. Looking Back Necklace
  6. Looking Back Single Ring
  7. Magniloquence Arrowhead Earrings
  8. Love Respect Protect Wrap Neckpiece

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