ESA - a line of jewelry with eclectic themes inspired by Indian mythology, architecture, arts, crafts, flora and fauna. A contemporary jewelry design company set up by one of the most awarded jewelry designers in the country, Gitika Singh. The brand has achieved accolades with 25 plus National and International awards of excellence in jewelry, product design and production.

  1. Go Wild Totem Earrings
  2. Go Wild Graffiti Earrings
  3. Go Wild Double Totem Earrings
  4. Go Wild Shield Earrings
  5. Go Wild Oval Earrings
  6. Go Wild Triangle Fringe
  7. Go Wild Mon Fringe Earrings
  8. Go Wild Fangs Earrings
  9. Rondele Cascade Earrings
  10. Rondele Fountain Earrings
  11. Wings Earrings
  12. Double Wings Earrings
  13. Rondele Star Earrings

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