Ikka Dukka

Ikka Dukka was conceived to provide products to customers that we ourselves would love to wear and see in our home. We are a boutique store with, what we believe to be interesting products and designs.

  1. Heart Chain Bracelet
    Ikka Dukka

    Heart Chain Bracelet


  2. Love Word Chain Bracelet
    Ikka Dukka

    Love Word Chain Bracelet


  3. Heart Charm Silk Cord Bracelet
  4. Hand Of Hamsa Silk Cord Bracelet
  5. Hand Of Hamsa Bracelet
    Ikka Dukka

    Hand Of Hamsa Bracelet


  6. Evil Eye Lapis Silk Cord Bracelet
  7. Blue Chalcedony Stone Earrings
  8. Rose Quartz Stone Earrings
    Ikka Dukka

    Rose Quartz Stone Earrings


  9. Green Onyx Stone Earrings
    Ikka Dukka

    Green Onyx Stone Earrings


  10. Cultured Amber  Cabochon Stone Ring
  11. Lapis Lazuli Cabochon Stone Ring
  12. Red Quartz Cabochon Stone Ring
  13. Hand Of Hamsa Pendant
    Ikka Dukka

    Hand Of Hamsa Pendant


  14. Evil Eye Lapis Lazuli Pendant
  15. Blue Chalcedony Stone Stackable Cuff
  16. Crystal Quartz Stone Stackable Cuff
  17.  Cabochon Cut Cultured Amber Stone Bracelet
  18. Lapis Cabochon Stone Bracelet
  19.  Malachite Cabochon Stone Bracelet
  20.  Red Quartz Cabochon Stone Bracelet

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