Juwelina Paris

House of Juwelina believes women should have the luxury of feeling precious everyday. The brand's global journey, celebrates the vision of making jewellery more accessible and less occasional. Featuring the exclusivity of it’s Heart and Arrow cut, Juwelina Paris introduces it’s Hearts on Fire Collection. From elegant statement neckpieces to stunning drop earrings, semi-precious Burmaline™stones are exquisitely hand set in Rhodium plated, 925 Sterling Silver, a gorgeous compliment to any genteel occasion.

  1. Rouge Noël Necklace
    Juwelina Paris

    Rouge Noël Necklace


  2. Aurélie Necklace
    Juwelina Paris

    Aurélie Necklace


  3. Fernie Verts Necklace
    Juwelina Paris

    Fernie Verts Necklace


  4. Rubain Necklace
    Juwelina Paris

    Rubain Necklace


  5. Marchesa Necklace
    Juwelina Paris

    Marchesa Necklace


  6. Prima Donna Necklace
    Juwelina Paris

    Prima Donna Necklace


  7. Réve Bleu Necklace
    Juwelina Paris

    Réve Bleu Necklace


  8. Coeur De Fleur Necklace
    Juwelina Paris

    Coeur De Fleur Necklace


  9. Rouge Noël Earrings
    Juwelina Paris

    Rouge Noël Earrings


  10. Aurélie Earring
    Juwelina Paris

    Aurélie Earring


  11. Fernie Verts Earrings
    Juwelina Paris

    Fernie Verts Earrings


  12. Rubain Earring
    Juwelina Paris

    Rubain Earring


  13. Marchesa Earring
    Juwelina Paris

    Marchesa Earring


  14. Réve Bleu Earring
    Juwelina Paris

    Réve Bleu Earring


  15. Une Diva Earrings
    Juwelina Paris

    Une Diva Earrings


  16. Liberte Earrings
    Juwelina Paris

    Liberte Earrings


  17. Coeur De Fleur Earrings
    Juwelina Paris

    Coeur De Fleur Earrings


  18. Radiant Heart Necklace
  19. Dahlia Necklace
  20. Radiant Heart Earring

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