Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry is always a preferred accessory by women across age, and Necklace is a gorgeous looking accessory that adorns the neck of a women. Necklace as an accessory looks great and can be worn with western or ethnic wear. Wait! What about a pair of matching earrings that can complement your look and make you look style diva. With RocknShop you will find every fashion jewelry reflecting the craftsmanship of our designer and they look very contemporary.

  1. Black and Golden Crystal Delight
    TI Couture

    Black and Golden Crystal Delight

    As low as $180

  2. Entangled Ring

    Entangled Ring


  3. Open Thorns Ring

    Open Thorns Ring


  4. Geometric Maze Ring

    Geometric Maze Ring


  5. Purple Haze Ring

    Purple Haze Ring


  6. LostNFound Ring

    LostNFound Ring


  7. Pinball Ring

    Pinball Ring


  8. Courage Sterling Silver Bracelet - Gold
  9. Courage Sterling Silver Bracelet - Silver
  10. Vania Earrings
    Deepa Gurnani

    Vania Earrings


  11. Brown Fur Bracelet
    TI Couture

    Brown Fur Bracelet

    As low as $264

  12. Gold Head Harness
    TI Couture

    Gold Head Harness

    As low as $264

  13. Golden Head Harness With Silver Round Stone
  14. Hand Harness / Neckpiece
    TI Couture

    Hand Harness / Neckpiece

    As low as $295

  15. Zerokaata Pearl Brass Cuff
  16. Heritage Coin Tops
    Rejuvenate Jewels

    Heritage Coin Tops


  17. Black Neckpiece with Chain Droplets
    TI Couture

    Black Neckpiece with Chain Droplets

    As low as $130

  18. Splendid Sea Earrings
    Rejuvenate Jewels

    Splendid Sea Earrings


  19. Sea Mermaid Earrings
    Rejuvenate Jewels

    Sea Mermaid Earrings


  20. Floral Elephant Earrings
    Rejuvenate Jewels

    Floral Elephant Earrings


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