Block Heels

Classic, comfortable and stylish, presenting a range of designer block heels for women. Whether you wanna be sky high or get that classic everyday low mule, RocknShop has a range of chunky looks for every woman. Pair it with any formal or casual outfit. Choose from designer brands for women like Crave Connect, Paio, Matt & Nat and many more!

  1. Glossy Distressed Heel
    Alice Olivia

    Glossy Distressed Heel

    As low as $443

  2. Elysa Micro Suede Mid-Block Heel San
  3. Gwen Color Blocked Sandals

    Gwen Color Blocked Sandals

    As low as $123

  4. Silver Sandal Heels

    Silver Sandal Heels

    As low as $120

  5. Kini Block Heels
    Veruschka By Payal Kothari

    Kini Block Heels

    As low as $75

  6. Georgia Block Heels
    Veruschka By Payal Kothari

    Georgia Block Heels

    As low as $130

  7. Maasai Flats
    Veruschka By Payal Kothari

    Maasai Flats

    As low as $110

  8. Cersei Embroidered Sandals
    Veruschka By Payal Kothari

    Cersei Embroidered Sandals

    As low as $110

  9. Brown Block Heel
  10. Olara Peep Toe Block Heels - Brown
  11. Olinda Peep Toe Block Heels - Navy
  12. Koko Dark Blue Kolhapuri Heels
  13. Almond Toe Mule Chunky Wooded Heel
  14. Oletta Crest Black Block Heels
  15. Oletta Crest Red Block Heels
  16. Palda Green Block Heels
  17. Palda Red Block Heels
  18. Polda Block Heels - Black
  19. Polda Block Heels - Azur Blue
  20. Polda Block Heels - Red and Black

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